Isabella Angelantoni

M.Giuseppina Malfatti

Morris and the Preraffaelites, Jheronimus Bosch, oriental tales, a dreamlike fantasy world emerges from the pen of Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, who creates disturbing but fascinating images with elegant and secure lines. They are childhood memories, they are small stories told by themselves that are bound by harmony, beauty, but also, sometimes, a hint of cruelty. They wink at stories already sung, echoing distant motives. Desire and nostalgia seem to guide the careful hand that barely lifts up from the page in order to express hope and existential pain.
Isabella is also an architect and her compositions are small in order to highlight the search for structure, like Ariadne’s thread in the labryinth, as if construction is necessary in order to clarify her sense of doing.READ MORE

In viaggio con Calvino

In viaggio con Calvino
A cura di Stefano Donati, Massimo Locci, Marco Marini

13 giugno – 15 ottobre 2013
Casa Dell’Architettura
Piazza Manfredo Fanti Manzoni 47, Roma