Manlio Della Serra

For your ears only (x & y).

Word / City

y: Cities are a ‘weaving’ of relationships, exchanges, things, objects, people. That is the only way to live that is worth living. I grew up in Milan and returned after many years. Man is made to live in the city.

x: Someone said: “In the beginning is the relationship”. Are we sure?

Word / Invisible

y: «The essential is invisible to the eyes». The most important things are invisible: your soul, love … relationships between people and things. In the city it is the emptiness of public spaces.

x: The emptiness of the infinite possibilities …

Word / Border

y: I do not consider it as a ‘limit’, a line, something that divides. For me it is more a grey area, a place where two forces interact. A commingling (a combination of more things/blending?)

x: We are often reminded that it is important to give yourself a limit to overcome it.

Word / Journey

y: It always makes me think of life. I have a project in my mind that has been linked to travel and life. I struggle to think of something else. I love traveling, but one of the good things about travel is when you are back home.READ MORE