The anti-Oedipus of sculpture

One of the essential traits of sculpture appears to be its specific Oedipus complex. It is the original trauma linked to the maternal mass, which has to be “revealed” and formed: a mass that has to be raped, sculpted, cast, transported and erected; but it is also the trauma of the weight of the materials it is made from, clay, wood, plaster, stone, bronze, especially when it is associated with the idea of the death of sculpture, the assassination of the father who is killed because of his finiteness and unpredictable fragility.READ MORE

The Unpredictable Breath of Nagual Sculptures

In a brief text from 1989 entitled Nagual Art, William S. Burroughs reminds us that in the books by Carlos  Castaneda, Don Juan makes a distinction between two different universes: Tonal and Nagual. The Tonal universe is the daily universe of cause and effect, which is predictable because it has already been recorded. Meanwhile, Nagual is an unknown, unstable universe, open to the future. In order for Nagual to be fully realized, the doors must be opened wide to chance. The magical thinking in Carlos Castaneda’s work distinguishes the duality inherent in the order of things: one is Tonal, which is a recording of reality, almost a statistical confirmation, and another, Nagual, which derives from the eruption of randomness, capable of opening up to new and unpredictable forms of reality.READ MORE

Sculptures where Everything Flows

There has always been a creative tradition which passes from one discipline to another, without ever settling for a particular theoretical context, but which never loses sight of certain artistic experiences which have made this kind of expressive transmigration their linguistic identity. Sculpture and architecture have, in particular, always kept up a dialogue, both because they are close relatives – space and time are intrinsically linked to these two disciplines, to a much greater extent than any other field of design – and because the cultural background of the artists in question very often involves both professional areas. It may be written in the book of fate, either expressly or hidden between the lines of memory and thought; but in this case it is on the contrary evident, from every point of view. READ MORE