galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

25 ottobre 20 novembre 2016

step art fair – milano scultura

7/8/9 ottobre 2016 – FABBRICA DEL VAPORE

via Procaccini 4, Milano


ingresso libero

venerdi 7 ottobre, dalle 18 alle 22

sabato 8 ottobre, dalle 12 alle 20

domenica 9 ottobre, dalle 12 alle 19

movimento Arte da mangiare Mangiare arte

Festival Internazionale dei Depuratori – seconda edizione


in collaborazione con il Depuratore di Milano Nosedo

6 – 7 – 8 luglio 2016


DepurArt Lab Gallery presso Depuratore di Nosedo

via San Dionigi 90 – Milano



Space Time Architecture

Gianluca Ranzi

Three elements stand out in IAG’s work and they perfectly fit together: space, time and architecture.Isabella Angelantoni Geiger is an artist who lives and works in Milan, where she was formed; a city where, as shown by Boccioni, form lives in the continuity of space and where tradition and artistic research are related to ‘Space and Time’, from Futurism, through Lucio Fontana until Luciano Fabro.The Isabella’s creations  move in the same direction but adds a new organic sensibility linked to a certain ambiguity and instability of the form itself.Here it is as poised, unstable, and requires a constant search for equilibrium and balance. The work in some way remains open just as slyly and subtly seems to never come to sedimentation and find “peace.” On the contrary it seems to be fitted with a vital push the door to grow and sometimes to implode.Consider sculpture as an organic process is one of the merits of Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, so forms and templates are developed in space without ever to close, in a process that ‘not all’ and that alludes to infinity and multiplication, as it occurs in Brancusi and Fontana.READ MORE




Esposizione di sculture in tre differenti aree di Milano

via Conte Rosso 26, Ventura Lambrate Design District

L’Occitane en Provence, via Solferino 12, Brera Design District

DepurArt Lab GAllery, depuratore di Nosedo, via San Dionigi 90


Gianluca Ranzi, curatore della mostra ‘Tra Oriente e Occidente – Omaggio a Fontana’, parla della scultura Zobeide